The Municipality of New Lebanon 2015 Leaf Pick-up Program will begin on Monday, October 12, 2015 and will run until Wednesday, November 25, 2015.  The pick up schedule will be the same as last year and the same guidelines and rules will be followed:


·         Rake your leaves in elongated rows onto the street about six inches away from the gutter to allow rainwater to flow into the catch basin.  Rows must not exceed 4 feet in height or 6 feet in width.


  • Make sure leaves are not under, between or around parked vehicles. Please remove vehicles from the street during collection time.    The leaf loader is unable to maneuver in small areas such as between parked cars or around them.  Leaves cannot be picked up in these areas, and we will be unable to make a special trip back.  Have the cars moved for the following week and the leaves will be picked up then.


  • Don’t mix yard waste with leaves.  Grass, sticks, brush, rocks, flowers and other debris will clog the vacuum.  Leaf piles with this type of debris won’t be picked up to avoid damaging equipment.


  • Don’t bag leaves.  Bagged leaves will not be picked up.


  • Have your leaves ready for pick up on the scheduled collection date.  Don’t try to take them out as the truck goes by.  Crews will not go back and collect leaves that are raked out after the truck passes until the following week.


  • The pick up process causes a fine dust in the air so do not schedule your washing of vehicles or hanging

out your clothes until your leaves have been picked up.


  • This schedule depends on weather, staffing, and equipment malfunction and may fluctuate.  Crews will try to collect the entire Municipality every week.  If you miss a pickup or believe your street was missed, please wait until next week’s pickup. Please do not call the Village Office for a special leaf pickup because to do so would be cost prohibitive to the program.   Leaves will be picked up as soon as possible, in the fastest most productive method.  For this reason, crews cannot deviate from their scheduled route.


Monday District 1:                  South of East Main Street and East of South Church Street to

                                                            east Municipal Limits.


  • Tuesday District 2:                  South of West Main Street and between South Clayton Road

                                                            and South Church Street


  • Wednesday District 3:                       North of Main Street and between Fuls Road and east

                                                            Municipal Limits


  • Thursday District 4:                South of West Main Street between and including South Clayton

                                                            Road and South Fuls Road


  • Friday District 5:                     From Fuls Road West to the Municipal Limits.


Any questions may be directed to Sandy Wright at 687-1341.