Executive Board Members

President: Carol Macmann-New Lebanon Public Library
Vice President: Brock Friezell-Liberty Garden
Treasurer: Teresa Howard-McDonalds
Secretary: Lacey Aikman- Key Bank

New Lebanon Chamber of Commerce
Mission Statement

We are the member-driven, non-profit organization of businesses and individuals whose
purpose is to advance the commercial and civic interest of the New Lebanon
business community.


1. To increase business awareness and membership.

2. To promote controlled growth and development within   
    the local school district.

3. To work with the New Lebanon Village Council to 
    promote a positive environment for business and
    residential growth.  

4. To work with the New Lebanon School Board to promote
    quality education.

5. To provide the availability of training and/or educational 
    services to members and/or the community.

6. To provide opportunities for membership interaction and 
    networking through sponsored activities.  Examples of
    said activities may include, but are not limited to, ventures
    with other Chambers of Commerce, speakers, workshops,
    an Art and/or Business Exposition, Christmas in the Village,

New Lebanon Area Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 194
New Lebanon OH  45345

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