New Lebanon, OH
"A Caring and Sharing Community"

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Municipality of New Lebanon, Ohio Village Offices 198 S. Clayton Road New Lebanon, OH 45345-9363

George Markus, Municipal Manager

General Information


Chamber of Commerce/Office of Economic Development
Police Department

New Lebanon Police Department
198 S. Clayton Road
New Lebanon Ohio 45345

Dispatch 687-3080 
Village Office 687-1341
Montgomery County Municipal Court Western Division 
Emergency Call 9-1-1

           Please record your serial numbers help us be able to help you.





We have been notified of three new SCAMS in
New Lebanon in the past week.

  1. 1. post card Wal-mart / Target good for $100.00
  3. 2. DISH requesting payment for promotion upgrade 
  5. 3. World wide service Claim Notification   

 All three can be seen on New Lebanon Police Department FaceBook






Vectren has notified the village that per the Depart of Transportation a leak check of all under ground piping must be done. This will be conducted by Health Consultants and should have started this week and will last for 3 to 4 weeks. All employees will have identification. See letter from Vectren on New Lebanon Police Department FaceBook